Sic Bo

Sic Bo Online Gaming

Sic Bo is one of those games that dates all the way back to Ancient China, so its exact origins are unclear. That kind of staying power should tell you something about the kind of excitement that can come with giving this one a go. We pride ourselves on being the most rewarding casino out there in terms of promotional opportunities, quality of the games, incredibly high jackpots, safety and security, and the options in our casino lobby. That’s why we gave this land-based casino staple an online casino overdrive.


RTG has created the most realistic version of Sic Bo you will find. The betting areas on the felt are clearly marked, with both the payouts and the dice combinations presented clearly to make it as easy as possible. Three dice are in a cage, and the dealer spins it to make sure the fall of the dice is completely random. The object of the game is to guess what dice are going to land per turn. Unlike Craps, where you place a bet and can win after the dice has been thrown multiple times, you either lose or win each time the dice come to a stop. Many people actually prefer this game to Craps, mainly because it is less complex and the gameplay progresses at a faster pace.

Common Bets

One to one payouts occur when you place what are called big or small bets. The prior is when the three dice, when added together, total four to 10, and the latter 11 to 17. You can also bet whether or not the totalled dice will be an odd or even number, which also results in one to one payouts, doubling your money. However, a win is not given for that bet if a triple, or three of the same number, is thrown. The third one to one payout bet is betting on a specific number.

Other Betting Options

Those may be the most common bets, as you have the best chance of getting a pay out on them. However, there are many other bets that can be placed with much higher payouts. For example, betting on two specific numbers, like a five and a two, results in a six to one payout, and betting on two of the same numbers pays out a 10 to one payout. When you move your cursor over different areas, you are presented with the exact odds payout. The highest is betting on a specific three numbers. If you guess right, you get a 180 to one payout!

Bo For the Winnings

Sic Bo is a casino game that has the suspense factor and win potential that stands up to the best of them. If you are new to Casino Midas, check out all of our promotional opportunities, namely the Welcome Bonus, which can give you $1,500 in free cash just for making deposits!