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Fantastic Golf Betting Games


PERFECT FOR: Golfers who have trouble with a particular hole on a regular basis.

DESCRIPTION: Instead of a scorecard dictating where handicap strokes are awarded, a player can use his or her handicap strokes on every hole until they are exhausted. Each hole allows for a maximum of two strokes. The only stipulation is that the handicap stroke (or two) must be declared prior to the tee shot on that particular hole. The pot is won by the player with the lowest net score. This game is perfect because you can use your strokes on holes on your course where you consistently fail to avoid a large score. click hereĀ 

5. 3-1-1

SUITABLE FOR: Threesomes

DESCRIPTION: Finding good three-player games is difficult, but this one could be the best. Each hole has a total of nine points available (a point has a predetermined dollar amount). On each hole, the player with the lowest score receives five points. The player with the lowest score receives three points. And the hole with the lowest score gets one. If there are ties, the points are divided by the number of players who are tied. Two teams, for example, are tied for the best score on a hole. That means they split the points for first and second position (5+3/2=4).

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PERFECT FOR: Golfers who like to keep it easy and straightforward.

The problem with the famous gambling game known as a “nassau” is that winning the 18-hole match is often underestimated. If the amount wagered on the front, back, and 18 holes is equal, a golfer or team could theoretically win the first 10 holes, then halve all but two of the remaining holes to win just a third of the total amount wagered. It’s not equitable. The 18-hole match is worth a fixed amount in a closeout, and after that amount is determined, a second match on the remaining holes starts for half the original amount. It lowers the chances of a poor payout for very good play. The true beauty of this game, however, is how easy it is to keep track of the match.


PERFECT FOR: Any size category with valid handicap indexes.

DESCRIPTION: Each player calculates his or her course handicap, subtracts it from 36, and this is the point quota they must meet during a round. A bogey will be worth one point, a par two points, a birdie four points, and an eagle eight points for a mid-handicap category (points can be adjusted in any way). A predetermined pot is awarded to the player who scores the most points above their quota. If no one meets their limit, the pot can be carried on to the next round or decided by a tiebreaker. I’ve really enjoyed this game because pars and birdies are so much more valuable to regular golfers than bogeys.


IDEAL FOR: Classes with a mid-to-high handicap.

DESCRIPTION: At the end of a round, each player is given three holes to throw out his or her score, with the best 15-hole score winning the pot. This is an excellent game for players with a mid-to-high handicap because it keeps everyone involved much longer into the round, particularly if one or two players had a couple of “blow-up” holes along the way.


PERFECT FOR: Improving the putting in a pinch.

DESCRIPTION: You know how your party often dismisses three-footers as “gimmes?” That is not possible in this game. You’ll have to get rid of them. A certain amount is applied to a pot every time a player three-putts or worse (the ball must be on the green for the first putt). During the round, the money accumulates, and the last person to three-putt must pay the remaining players the sum in the pot. There are many variants of this game, including one where the pot begins at a dime and doubles every time someone three-putts. Another variation penalises the player who makes the most three-putts. Since it can slow things down, it’s best to play this game when the course isn’t too busy. However, learning to make short putts and not taking other putts for granted is a fun game to play. For more details click here.