Dare the T-Rex!

Dare the T-Rex!

Don’t let The Flintstones fool you, because humans and dinosaurs never lived together, and let’s be honest, that’s probably a good thing. As if life isn’t hard enough without worrying about a dinosaur smashing through your house and gobbling you up in one monstrous bite. As they say, it doesn’t hurt to pretend! Travel back to prehistoric times and play T-Rex at our online casino. This poker machine has great features that appeal to carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores alike!

Striking Icons

The scenery and the icons feature artistry that is quite visually striking and dinosaurs you may have never heard of, like the ankylosaurus and its spiked ball tail, or the triceratops. You also have your long extinct flowering ferns, active but now inactive volcanoes, and the high card symbols 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. The T-Rex is the wild symbol, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

Betting options

Before you can set off on your jungle adventure in search of those awe-inspiring winnings, you have to set your bet using the stone carved up and down arrows. However, your total wager will also be determined by the number of lines you play. The amount you bet and the amount of lines are multiplied together and displayed in the middle bet box. The more lines that you play, the better your chances of winning (and if you want to increase themeven more, read our tips on how to win on slots!). The higher your wager, the better your win will be. When everything is set to a point you are comfortable with, high the spin button and get ready for some fun!

How to defeat the T-Rex

To win this online slot, you have to line up the icons into winning combinations. You can use the stop button to make the reels cease to spin, or just let them stop on their own. The stop button can add some neat strategy, but it’s pretty difficult to utilize to its fullest potential. You can also use the auto play feature and have the game play for you to your specifications. Your winnings are added to the win box and the to your balance box.

Wild and Scatter

The eggs are the scatter symbols and the T-Rex is the wild symbol. The T-Rex can replace any other symbol besides the egg, and it also earns the player double the prize. When the wild symbol appears and is part of a win, the beast will rear its head and roar mightily. This goes really well with the jungle drum background music. When three or more eggs appear, you are able to click on them. What hatches out is not a little dinosaur, but a certain number of free spins! Way better.

Fun in the Ancient Sun

Get ready to have a blast at Casino Midas NZ with this themed RTG slot. You can easily access it from your computer and even from your mobile device! If you love dinosaurs and, more importantly, winning money, you will love T-Rex!