Casinos in Macau, China, are now accepting eSports wagering.

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Gaming venues in Macau, China’s exotic tourist destination, are preparing to offer eSports betting. Macau casinos are now willing to go to any length to make eSports betting a legal form of gambling. For the first time in China, online gaming is yielding positive results. That is confirmed by an event that occurred only a few days ago.

Why Are Casinos in Macau, China, Now Accepting eSports Betting?
After a week of intense rivalry, a team from Europe OG has risen to the top of the eSports standings. The event attracts a large number of people, making it one of the most popular competitions ever. Above all, this is the first attempt, and it has been a huge success. It allows many investors and casino owners to consider how they can attract a large number of customers.

The Grand Lisboa Hotel has a lot on the line.

Casino owners are likely to get on board now that they’ve seen the progress. Operators have a good chance of introducing competitive video games. Operators now assume that introducing many types of eSports would boost their sales.

Last weekend, I made a big attempt. The location is the Grand Lisboa Hotel, which is operated by SJM Holdings. MDL Macau Dota2 International Elite Invitational is sponsored by the house. At the first international eSports event, this tournament will set a new milestone. It turns out that it was more successful than the organisers had expected. It will be difficult to predict how the tournament will go since it is an international event. The conclusion was incredible. The attendance is fantastic. Following the results of the tournament, Macau casinos will investigate ways to incorporate more of these activities.

It is a worldwide case.

So far, the tournament has attracted a large number of visitors who have come to cheer on their favourite teams. Each of the nine teams is accompanied by fans. People from various countries competing in the tournament live in Macao. In addition, many people travel to Macau for business. All of this, plus the gambling community, adds up to a sizable crowd.

The grand prize is worth $300,000! The European team, OG, is triumphant. TNC of the Philippines is defeated 2-0 by OG. Celebrities such as NBA star Jeremy Lin are expected to attend the gathering. These well-known figures are assisting in the tournament’s success. It is the first time, according to SJM Holdings CEO Ambrose So Shu Fai. The outcomes are outstanding. It’s a sign that the company is doing well. Casinos must be ready to reap the benefits.

E-Sports Betting Is A Globally Emerging Industry

“E-Sports betting is a new industry with a lot of room for growth and a large global audience. With this big e-Sports tournament, Macau is thrust into the spotlight. In a quote, Ambrose So Shu Fai says, “We believe this will further help the growth of the city’s tourism and leisure industry.” Later, SJM issues a press release. The event organiser notes in the press release how impressive the tournament turns out to be. The statement also mentions a tournament that will take place in 2016.